Dec 9th, 2010 :: BY Double You :: POSTED IN Sound :: Drops

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Triple threat and super treat is the debut remix EP by Level Attack. Consisting of the ever rising forces of Sugarpill and Stephan Jacobs along with the conscious lyricism of Naada. Remixes include new favorite +verb and his “Spaced Out” version. Out now on Muti Music/Addictech!

Level Attack (Original) Stephan Jacobs & Sugarpill feat. Naada by Naada

Level Attack (+verb’s Spaced Out Remix) by Naada

1. Level Attack feat. Naada (Original)
2. Level Attack (Willy Whompa & Goodie Remix)
3. Level Attack feat. Naada (Samples Remix)
4. Level Attack feat. Naada (+verb’s ‘Spaced Out’ Remix)
5. Level Attack feat. Naada (Great Scotts ‘Hadouken’ Remix)
6. Level Attack feat. Naada (ChrisB Remix)

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What a cop out.Some people cratee things from scratch. Some people start with a blank canvass. I am not one of them but I atleast think that that level of creativity deserves more merit than the kind of recombination ad infinitum that seems so prevalent amongst web based creative circles.Yes, everyone has influences and it is always possible to draw parallels any one thing and those things that have come before it. However, surely there should be some kind of hierarchy of respect at play: surely it is a creative copout to deliberately and consciously copy another’s work. Surely the more one copies the further one gets from true creativity. That’s not to say that you can’t be creative while simultaneously paying homage to others’ work.Surely one person’s original score of music, or a photograph, or a painting, is far more creative than, say, another person’s blogs that posts links to images of them. Suggesting otherwise does little more than cheapen the creative act.

January 1st, 2013 at 1:03 am