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We felt inspired to create I AM A LASER while observing the ever expanding underground music scene, up and down this West Coast of North America, be continually overlooked in coverage by the few, but well known, electronic music magazines out there today. This was over two years ago in the fall of 2008 and since that short time the cutting-edge landscape has dramatically changed and exponentially expanded. Here in Los Angeles alone, the experimental beat scene is practically mainstream, print is dead, and your mom dances to Dubstep. So how does that affect our purpose and mission now?

Well, it’s time to morph into I AM A LASER version 2.0. We’re still committed to shining a light on emerging talent (art, music, fashion) in a stylish, encouraging, and sexy format –which is getting more challenging everyday because all of you are so original! But now we feel called to expand our lens of focus and incorporate features on alternative health, radical design/technology, and sustainability innovations that clearly connect back to and fuse with this exploding “Future Culture” music scene. Easily accessible elements that, if we choose (especially with our dollars), can create an enlightened society that taps the basic wisdom inherent in us all to preserve, celebrate, and enhance a living environment for everyone.

If you’re alive in this age, then you’re in. Be I AM A LASER and lead the way!


Double You – Chief Editor / Owner

Double You - I AM A LASER ChiefSent here from the future beyond time to inform the 21st century human web of their impending evolutionary fork in the road; a simple choice between destruction or an enlightened society here on Earth. A decision informed by the vibratory signature of ones engulfing fire of wisdom and passion. Double You is a practitioner of the warrior heart technologies: gratitude, dignity, virtue, intuition, and WOW as well as several cosmic intelligence mediations that invoke elated states of galactic transmission and universal brotherhood. Look out!

Saish Kotecha – Intern
Blogger and creator of That’s Deck is busy assisting I AM A LASER in it’s “Future Culture” mission. Glad to have him aboard!

More Team TBA soon!


It’s not How high are you? – But, Hi! How are you! All media inquires, site questions, donations, and fruit baskets can be sent to media@iamalser.com


Labels / Indie Artists / Bedroom Producers we love to hear from you! So give us a shout and tell us why your new track is a pathway door un-locker to the next level or just a damn good mix to make the speakers pump. Please note that not all submissions get reviewed or posted due to that fact that we may be just too slammed for time or the selection given is not what were looking for. Nothing personal, OK!

We typically request 30 days notice to review an album as there are plenty of submissions already in the pipe. It’s very helpful if you provide all of the following when possible:

  • Album advance download link
  • Press Release (who, what, why is this important, where, when, brief artist bio -skip the story about clarinet lessons)
  • All web links especially: Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and Band Website.
  • Store Link(s) for release
  • Album Artwork / Musician / Band images no smaller than 600px wide. Bigger the better!

Email all audio submissions to: sound@iamalaser.com. If you value you what we do to promote your work then we ask the following community inspired exchange in return: Please rabidly shout your post! Use your bands Twitter, Facbook Page, Website, Email List, MySpace, etc to showcase to the world your new found media attention -cause who else is going to do it?

We also ask you this one simple question: What is great promotion worth to you? $1, $5, $20, or more? If a suitable number arises we accept donations through our Paypal account. This level of support is thoroughly appreciated!